Cat Diffuser

It’s a cat. It’s a diffuser. It has a little glow, like we’re going to a rave. We’re sold! Plug in this little kitty, drop some of your favorite essential oils in kitty’s translucent tummy, then breath in and relax. The water diffused into the air helps keep your skin all supple n’ nice, and your fave scents make chillin’ out feel super good. And c’mon. Everyone wants to feel super good.

Exploding Kittens Game

Exploding Kittens is (spoiler alert!) a card game about exploding kittens! Draw cards until you, Little Kitty, combust into flames of glory! But just like real life, when you are consumed by fire, you lose. Now, if you’re a player who likes winning, the name of the game is distraction. If you find yourself about to go BOOM, grab cards to distract: Lasers, attempt to explode another player, or use the ultimate of all weapons: Goats. Good luck and godspeed, Cap’t Kitty.

Pooping Pooches Calendar 2019

A new year, a new you! …Unless you’re thinking this calendar is really funny- in which case- it might be a new year, but you’re the same ol’ questionable you! So in the spirit of embracing your strangeness and whatever the new year brings, go whole hog and embrace twelve continuous months of pooping pooch pictures. Hang them where everyone can see! Make THEM embrace YOUR new year!

I Could Pee on This: Cat Poems

Great poets litter our literary canon: Hemmingway, Shakespeare, Frost, Poe, and Donne. But, did you ever feel like we were missing something? Us, too. So after scouring the tomes of the world’s greatest writers, we’ve finally uncovered a new and unique perspective on life, love and what objects it’s okay to pee on! So put on your black Beatnik hat and start snapping some fingers, for we present to you, Cat Poetry. Get ready to explore new depths of your kitty’s soul.

Gun Safety, For Cats

Mittens is going for the gun! And the reefer! And playing fast and loose with her kitty parts! Before things get out of control, you and I both know what needs to be done: It’s time to have a serious sit-down talk with Mittens about the world’s debauchery and how not to fall prey to it. Oh, Mittens. We remember when you were just a little puff, so innocent. So sweet. But you’re a big kitty now, and we’ve got to steer you in the right direction.

Dancing with Cats

Dancing with Cats: The Book. This may be the apex of all human endeavors. We’ve created civilizations, built pyramids, explored space. Unbeknownst to the whole of humanity, all of our successes were leading us to the most exquisite of human-animal interactions. In dance form. Get ready. This is gonna be intense.

PyroPet Candle

Relive your “dark night of the soul” high school experience and let your inner goth go free! With a light of the wick, the Pyropet wax melts away, revealing the tiny skeleton within! It’s adorable, cute, with just a hint of ennui.

HandiCat Puppets

It’s like, you *think* you’ll grow out of some things like finger puppets, but joke’s on you, Maturity! Finger puppets forever! And if you’re a cat lover, you’re in luck! There are MORE people like us who have made HandiCat Hand Puppets. So get your inner artist out, for you were meant to shine with finger puppetry! Slap ’em on your hands and go show the world!

Dog Car Seat Headrest

Some people call it “obsession”, we prefer to call it “passionate”. Yes, we are passionate about our favorite pooches, and if we want to extend our love through a car headrest, we’ll do it, unashamed! Mount a fluffy, soft, 3D doggo head to that headrest, showing the world your love of pups while simultaneously feelin’ comfy and looking good. You sport that doggie paraphernalia with pride!

Cuddle Clone Slippers

Which are the slippers, and which are the real kitties? If you’re like us, we had to do a double-take when we saw these slippers that Cuddle Clones make. For pet-lovers who can’t get enough of their furry friends and also appreciate some warm toesies, these are the ultimate pet-replica slippers!