Adidog Doggie Sweatsuit

For athletic doggos, this sports suit looks mighty nice! Out for a run in the park, a little soccer, or some hiking, your furry buddy will look so snazzy in this Adidogs getup. A highly legit workout wardrobe for a highly legit dog.

Menswear Dog Book

If it’s true that “clothes make the man”, what does this mean for Bodhi, the most dapper Shiba Inu in town? We don’t know. But we DO know we’re huge fans of this book. With helpful tips and tricks for the handsome (human) man in your life, Bodhi not only models some of the best-looking threads, but helps a brotha’ out. From tips like “Winning looks for every occasion” and “When to splurge and when to save”, this handsome hound is ready to lay some sartorial knowledge down your way. Seriously, though. Look at that suit!

Snoods for Pups

Your doggo is an iconoclast. He is fearless. He wants to take the fashion world by storm. To live his puppy dreams he needs a Snood: the wonderful knit creation you see before you. Designed to show off your pup’s mega-cute face, and keep his head and ears warm, Snoods will make you want to boop your buddy’s nose even more. So, put a Snood on your pup and go outside into the world: It’s okay. Show off a little. (*Hedgehog not included)

Cuddle Clones

The future has arrived and it can clone our pets. Scientists are doing some crazy things in their labs- making genetic twins of Fido and Fluffy- but who’s got $25,000 laying around to replicate your favorite pooch? Fear not, you can get yourself an ultra cuddly, non-biological, replica of your Good Boy, or Fluffy. Cuddle Clones make ultra-realistic plush cuddlers based on your own fur buddy. We don’t need no science, we just want a clone.

Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed

Memory foam beds feel good, man. Like, really good. Our furry buddies deserve to sink into that massively delectable, sleep-inducing soft spot. Give your Good Boy and Girl some sweet dreams tonight, where they can dream of crunchy treats, green grass, and tennis balls as far as the eye can see.

Pet Potty Patch

When you gotta go, you gotta go. A faux-grass puppy litter box for the times and places when you can’t always take your Good Boy or Girl out on a walk. Put in a house, apartment, or patio, this pet toilet is easy to use and clean. Puppy pee falls through the faux-grass into an easy-to-dump/clean container. Just clean with soap and water and you’re ready to rock n’ roll!

Dog Birthday Bash Decorations

Throwing a birthday bash for your best bud is easy with this freakin’ cool Birthday Party set! Complete with a “Cake Hat” for the birthday pup to wear, a delicious box of doggie cake mix, adorable balloons and a flashy birthday bandana, your doggo will have the best birthday ever!

Super Soft and Warm Dog Blanket

So soft, so much fluff. This super soft, warm fleece pet blanket gives some serious comfort to your pup. It’s like a people blanket… for pups. And because it’s so warm and comfy, your doggo might just stay away from *your* blankets—Keeping fur shed on your furniture to a minimum. Well… we can hope.

Doggie World Car Seat Cover

The world is a big place, and your doggo wants to see it! For family trips with your pet, having a car seat cover can be a big help, especially with dirty paws and wet fur. Waterproof, and scratch-proof, the Doggie World car seat take a few seconds to set up, and from there, the world is your oyster!

Puff and Fluff Dog Dryer

Ok. We know. It looks weird. But dang it, it also looks awesome. If your doggo get the zoomies after a bath and you can’t catch them for a dry-off, why not try a Puff-N-Fluff? Sure, it might look like someone from the 1970s tried to imagine pet products of the future, but hey, if it works for you and your doggo, who are we to judge?