Ultimate Cat Window Bed

Kitties are simple animals in search of simple pleasures. Purrhaps the coolest of the kitty relax shacks, this magic cat box hangs on your window, where your kitty can warmed by the delicious sun. Your kitty can live like a teenager: In the box, days at a time, only emerging in times of thirst or hunger. Otherwise, kitty just wants to be alone in the window “tree house”. Can you blame them?

Whisker Box

Surprise boxes filled with toys, treats n’ catnip can be delivered to your door on the monthly! We know adulting is hard, and getting out of pajamas to join the “real world” is hard, too. WhiskerBox has come up with the glorious, no-pants-needed solution to your kitty-loving, pajama-wearing life! From the comfort of your home, just pick the kind of subscription you want, then you’re off to the races! Every month, WhiskerBox will send your furry baby a super cool, themed-box, filled up with goodies like kitty cookies, catnip, and apparel!

Snoods for Cats

Cats can get into the fun, too! “Snoods” are some of the greatest things we’ve seen thrust upon the heads of our feline friends. We aren’t sure if they all share that sentiment, but dang it: Lookatthatface! Dressing up your pet as another animal will always remain a 10 on the Cuteness Richter Scale.

Cuddle Clone Cat

A friend of ours is convinced there is a population of people roaming the earth without any belly buttons. Because they’re cloned. Lab Grown People. While we can’t comment on the validity of such claims, we CAN vouch for cloning your precious kitty friend. Actual scientists-in-a-white-coat kind of cloning costs $25,000+ buckaroos… But, lucky for us, someone came up with Cuddle Clones! Working with photos of your furry friend, Cuddle Clones make amazing “twins” of your pet. As a keepsake, a twinsie play buddy for Kitty 1.0, or as a nice gift, Cuddle Clones are unique and meticulously made. We’re impressed.

Sunny Seat Cat Window Perch

Ah, to be a little kitty. Who wouldn’t want to lounge all day in the warm sun, hanging out in a hammock? Well, if we can’t live the dream, there’s no reason why our kitty friends must suffer the same fate. A suction-cup pet hammock for window-lounging, this kitty perch is purrfect for Cool Cats ready to do… well, nothing. And they will think it’s glorious.

Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket for Cats

We know the world can be a scary place, and sometimes kitties need a little extra comfort. For high-stress situations, the anxiety jacket provides constant pressure to your kitty’s body, helping them to calm down during scary situations like loud storms, fireworks, and visits to the vet.

Sushi Catnip Toys

Sushi, a delectable Japanese food, and purrhaps the most elegant of catnip toys. Fun and very cool-looking, these sushi-inspired kitty toys will not only be your kitty’s favorite chewy toys, but also the talk of the (people) party. Your kitty might not be able to use chopsticks, but can definitely play with and pounce on these faux-fish treats!

Cat Barrel Play House

For the swash-buckling Scratchy Floof in your life! If your cat, like most, insist on stuffing their cute bodies into a cardboard box, why not change it up with a kitty barrel? With thick, durable cardboard and mini-swords, the Cat Barrel is a pretty awesome toy.

Purrfect Kitty Portal

Let your Cool Cat have the sweet taste of freedom with a Kitty Portal. For when you want the privacy of closed doors, but also know a kitty has got to roam! Installation is simple, and portals can be placed anywhere you want your furry friend to have access: Laundry rooms, basements, and bedrooms. A nice solution to humans who want some privacy, and needy kitties who are in search for cuddles or playtime.

Taco Cat Bed

This lil’ taco might be one of the most fun cat toys we’ve seen in a while. Fold it like a taco or lay it flat like a tostada, your kitty can hide in, play on, and otherwise get crazy with this Taco Cat Bed. Kitty feet stomps make the taco crackle and three catnip “pepper” toys are included to make your kitty’s taco dreams come true!