Reasons to Adopt a Pet

So you’ve decided to add a four-legged critter to your family. That’s actually pretty awesome and a really good thing to do. That’s because pets are wonderful companions and can also bring much to your household that did not exist prior to having a dog, cat, guinea pig or any other animal. However, the way in which you search for this new member of your family is vitally important. It is always best to adopt a new pet instead of just buying one from a breeder or pet store. You may not realize that you are indirectly supporting illegal breeding activity if you do not seek a dog from an animal shelter.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should seriously consider adoption.

1 – You Are Saving The Life Of A Dog When You Adopt One

It’s true. In the United States alone, there are over 3-million dogs euthanized on an annual basis in animal shelters. That is simply because they were not adopted by families seeking a four-legged companion. Puppy mills, which are cruel and inhumane, would eventually go out of business if everyone turned to shelters to adopt their pets. Plus, pet stores would be forced to stock adoptable puppies as a result which would save even more of them.

2 – A Mixed Breed Dog Is Far Better Off Health Wise Than A Purebred

As it turns out, the majority of the dogs that populate animal shelters are of mixed breeds. They account for upwards of 70-percent of these animals. What you may not be aware of is that a mixed breed dog has a better likelihood of living longer simply because there is no inbreeding as is common with some ‘purebred’ pooches. A dog of mixed breed will also have better odds in not having genetic health problems passed down to him or her.

3 – Adopting Dogs Will Impact On Puppy Mill Activity

In the United States there is an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in operation. The puppies you are looking at possibly purchasing at your local pet store are very likely the product of a puppy mill. Commercial dog breeding operations that put profit above the health and well-being of the puppies it produces are considered puppy mills. The quick reproductive cycle in place in such a facility does not weed out hereditary health conditions.

4 – The Cost Difference Between Buying And Adopting Is Huge

When you purchase a purebred dog you will spend anywhere from $1,000 to several thousand dollars. Where adopting a dog from an animal shelter will cost you between $50 and two-hundred dollars. Typically, the fee for adoption goes towards covering the first few vet visits, vaccinations, spaying or neutering with a small amount retained by the shelter for operational expenses.

5 – Older Dogs Are Usually What Are Available For Adoption

The main advantage to adopting a dog that is one, two or more years old is that you don’t have to go through the process of housetraining as you would with a puppy. Plus, puppies have other needs that can include more attention than you may be able to provide as they teeth, learn the household routine and generally grow up within your family unit. Adult dogs will bond as well as a puppy and will adapt to your circumstances much quicker than a puppy.

6 – The Dogs At Animal Shelters Are All Very Unique

We mentioned that most of the dogs at a shelter are mixed breed a moment ago. Well, one of the cool things about that is you can find all kinds of dogs there. They range in size, shape and physical features. The mixture can be quite beneficial depending on the type of dog you are looking for. Regardless, if unique is your goal, an animal shelter will be your best source of this type of dog.

7 – Animal Shelters Are Pretty Helpful Places

There are times when you and your furry friend may have to part company forever. Health concerns, an allergy or a number of different reasons that result in you having to give up your best friend can develop in your life. As difficult as it will be to have to let your pooch go, an animal shelter is your best option in having to find your dog a new home. If that shelter happens to have no additional room, they will be able to provide you with suggestions on how to relocate your dog. They may even have a waiting list on site of interested residents looking for a pet just like yours.

8 – Adopting A Dog Is Good For You As Well

We all want to feel good about a decision we made. Adopting a dog from a shelter, which will save its life, is a good deed. Not only will it make you feel good about doing something special for this little pup, you will gain a new friend who will love you unconditionally for just being there for him or her. Being a dog owner is a big responsibility, but rescuing a dog from certain death is the best gift you can give any four-legged critter. Even if you are not doing it for accolades, your act of kindness is a wonderful thing regardless. The dog you rescue will truly reward you for many years to come.

Contact Your Local Animal Shelter For More Information

Not sure how to approach adopting a dog? All you have to do is call your local animal shelter and schedule a visit. You may even wish to become a shelter volunteer to assist with finding homes for the countless dogs that end up in the care of a shelter. Once on the inside, you will learn how these special organizations work to keep puppy mills out of business and how easy it is to start the adoption process. You may discover something about yourself you did not know existed when you open your heart to helping animals who cannot speak for themselves. To find your local animal shelter, just enter “animal shelters near me” in your Google search window.

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